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Dr. Hendy Setiawan
Phone: +62 853-3659-5689

ItemsInstrument NameFuction and Usability
XRF Spectrometer Spectro Xepos HE

“Sustainable Environment: Cycles of pollutants from Sodium to Uranium in soil, water and oil”
Spectrometer that represents a quantum leap in energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence technology, for advance analysis of multi-elemental of major, minor and trace element concentrations in samples of solid, liquid, powder, plastic, glass and or oil. Applied for petrochemicals, chemicals, industries, for geological and mining samples, environmental and waste monitoring.
ELEMENTAR Inductar CS Cube

“Advanced Materials: carbon, sulfur in alloys”
Tool used for inorganic elemental analysis, high-precision of Carbon-Sulfur analyzer for metallic or ceramic materials. Equipped with a long-life solid-state high-frequency induction furnace, to reach sample temperature up to 2000°C. Carbon and sulfur are both analyzed by wide-range IR detectors, which are capable to detect the whole concentration range. Ideal solution for steelworks, foundries, automotive, cements industry and ceramic industry.

“Green Energy: organic carbon by biomass for energy production”
The versatile instrument used for temperature-dependent differentiation of carbon in solids. The Soli TOC Cube provides the option of measuring total organic carbon (TOC), total inorganic carbon (TIC) and determining the residual oxidizable carbon (ROC). Temperature ramping up to 900°C, automatic ash removal and measuring time reduction by active cooling of the heater are employed which requires neither sample preparation nor the use of acids.

“Climate Change Carbon Cycle: Carbon in liquids for CCS, carbon flux to ocean’s environment”
A newly designed analyzer for the determination of organically and inorganically bound carbon in liquids, slurries and solids. The ppb-sensitivity for measuring TOC (Total Organic Carbon) or TNb (Total bound Nitrogen) in aqueous solutions is combined with accuracy and reliability of the organic elemental analysis to measure automatically up to 100% carbon concentrations in any sample matrix. Oxidation of bound carbon is conducted by means of high temperature digestion and catalytic post-combustion in a free selectable range of up to 1200°C.
LEICA Microsystem DM2700P DL+AL, and DM2700P HS

“Materials for Society: Ores/alloys characterization - crystal growth, cracks, fluid inclusion in geothermal fields”
The Leica polarization microscope series is designed for all polarizing examinations: petrography, mineralogy, structure characterization, asbestos analysis, coal analysis and examination of liquid crystals, equipped with features of transmitted and reflected light in one unit, and fluid inclusions in separate unit.
HORIBA FluoroMax-4 Basic

“Sustainable Water” Organic pollutants in water cycle”
The Fluorescence Spectroscopy which offers high performance tabletop fluorometer, ideal for measuring solid and liquid samples, with high throughput screening, cryogenic or elevated temperatures, absolute quantum yields, microliter volumes, stopped flow mixing or titration, and micron scale measurements using a microscope.
FARO Laser Scanner Focus3d S350

“Geohazards and Sensitive Infrastructure: Mass movements, 3D terrestrial mapping, retrofitting of structures”
The FARO Focus3d S350 is a terrestrial laser scanner with ultra-high accuracy and ingress protection, extended temperature range, designed for outdoor applications. It allows data quality optimization on-site. Integrated GPS and GLONASS receiver enable easy positioning. HDR imaging and HD photo resolution ensure true-to-detail scan results with high data quality. Applicable for object mapping such as rock outcrops, cliffs, tunnel, dam, retrofitting and façade building structures.
ALBILLIA GGUN-FL24 Field Fluorometer

“Sustainable groundwater resource, tracing groundwater flow, calibration of numerical models”
GGUN-FL24 flow-through downhole field fluorometers. Sonde and data logger used to tracing experiments in 2” boreholes tested to depth of 70 metres. Double excitation-double detection allows measurements of 1 tracer groundwater flow and turbidity
IGM Gamma-Spektrometer GT-32

“Deciphering climate archives, stratigraphic records, source rocks for oil”
Portable hand-held gamma ray spectrometer, intended to use in geophysical and geological research and survey for raw material sources. Basic operation modes are searching or determining of the content of K (potassium), U (uranium) and Th (thorium) concentrations with increased sensitivity in the field.